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Home Staging for the Holidays

In Charlotte, NC and surrounding cities, Redesign + More has several clients that have their homes on the market and very often they will ask should we decorate our homes for the holidays?  When it comes to staging your home for the holidays, our Redesign + More team offers our services to help plan and create a successful holiday staged home. There are some key areas to consider when staging your home for the holidays. Just because it is getting cold outside this doesn't mean the interior of your home has to appear cold too, bring on the warmth of the holidays but keep it tasteful, no clutter and set the stage for the holidays. Just because it's the holidays doesn't mean buyers aren't looking, and your home may spark an interest to a potential buyer. So plant the thought in a potential buyer's mind, add some holiday cheer and warmth, set the stage.
Adding Holiday cheer at the Curb- Do not confuse your lawn with large plastic holiday sculptures or vignettes, this can overpower the curb appeal of the home. Remember the first rule "First Impression". When you use outdoor lights, stick to one color and avoid the blinking/chasing lights... you do not want a potential buyer to keep driving you want them to stop and say "WOW"!  I can see my family living in that home. Use the lights to highlight the architectural features of your home’s exterior, without over doing it. Evergreen topiaries with white lights add some vibrancy to the front in winter. Wreaths on the door can be welcoming, just remember to keep them tasteful.

Warmth and Festive Rooms– It’s about maximizing square footage and maintaining proper flow. If you’re a holiday village collector, this year you may want to think about skipping setting up the giant collection of your Christmas village. Instead, pick a couple of your favorites and display them in different locations around your home. Please remember although we all love to decorate for the season, keep your rooms de-cluttered and less is more.

If you put up a Christmas tree, is it going to take up floor space that was otherwise clear before? Consider removing a different item, such as an extra chair, from the room in its place. Try to place your tree away from the natural flow of the room. You don’t want buyers to be forced to go around obstacles any more during the holidays than any other time of the year. Watch where you lay your power cords! You don’t want your guests to trip and fall over your cords. Also, cords that run across the floor look messy and taping them to the floor is not an option.

Accessories on table tops, foyers, mantles and counters need to be thought out. For any accessory you add, there should be something removed. Otherwise, you’re adding visual clutter. Holiday garland can be used on mantles or staircase railings, but try to keep from putting so much out that you can’t see the mantle or the railing.  Less is more!

Be creative with your framed artwork. Find some festive wrapping paper with a simple, repeating pattern (not something that is too busy). Wrap your framed art like a present. Dress it up with ribbons and a bow. It doesn’t take up any additional space, so it’s a great way to do something fun and different. If you have a wall of family photos that should come down while your home is on the market, this is a great way to cover them up. As home stagers it is our job to explain to the homeowner where to place their tree and the time-frame to keep the tree up; most homeowners are very receptive to the idea.

Selling a home can be a stressful time in a person's life and bringing in a few holiday decorations can be a good idea. A nice attractive Christmas tree up for a week or so will most likely not delay the sale of the home. 

Our team at Redesign + More is available to help you with your Home Staging and Holiday Decorating needs. If you are feeling some what stressed this time of year, we can take the burden off of you and set the holiday home selling stage for you.


 Happy Holidays from Charlotte NC Home Stagers - Redesign + More Staging Homes for all Seasons

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Holiday Home Staging - Charlotte NC
In Charlotte, NC and surrounding cities, Redesign + More has several clients that have their homes on the market and very often they will ask should we decorate our homes for the holidays When it comes to staging your home for the holidays… more