Home Staging - to sell in the cooler months

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Charlotte NC Home Staging - to sell  in the cooler months

During the spring and summer days when we see sunny skies and plenty of colorful flowers it can make a home more appealing to sell. Sometimes thats not an option and we must sell and stage our home during the shorter days and darker evenings of autumn and winter. Here are a few tips for making your home staging warm and appealing to potential buyers.

Curb appeal staging - Even without leafy trees and bright flowers, your yard and landscape can attract buyers if treated right. Remember that bare spots become more obvious in winter, so do what you can to camouflage them by laying mulch down around shrubbery and in flower beds. No one likes a messy yard in any weather, so keep it neat by making sure the yard is raked, the grass is evenly mowed and gutters are kept free and clear. To be competitive and to add that extra value to your listing, you have to think outside the box. And that literally means staging the kind of curb appeal that helps your home stand out from the other five or more on the same street. 
Attracting visual interest - Normally most people bring in the patio furniture when colder weather arrives; leave it out to create more visual appeal for potential buyers. A chimney or any portable outdoor fire pit is a neat touch for an outdoor patio or deck. Keep in mind faded and peeling paint or warped siding is even more obvious in the winter, so take care of all exterior touchups before listing your house.
Keep the interior of the home cozy - Set the furnace or central heat high enough to make the house as warm and comfortable as possible. Fireplaces are a big draw for potential buyers, so keep them free of dirt and clutter and arrange the room to highlight this feature. Get creative with warm touches - drape a warm throw over the sofa, or consider baking cookies or simmering cinnamon and other winter spices on the stove before showings. Those small touches will exude warmth and make your home feel cozy and welcoming.
Bring in light and some greenery - Light is especially important during the short, darker days of winter. So it’s important to take full advantage of natural light. Bare trees allow your home to get more light on sunny days, so keep the blinds open. On drearier days, turn on all the lights to add brightness to each space. Green, leafy plants can also add warmth to the interior of your house and fresh flowers add a splash of color to any room.


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Comment balloon 12 commentsPeggy Johnson • November 10 2009 03:13PM


Good tips.  In the more dreary days of winter, brighter bulbs can help as well.  I also take the screens off of my windows to let in the maximum amount of light.

Posted by Kim Dillon (Creative Eye Home Staging) over 10 years ago

I like to leave a lamp on in each room so the prospective buyer doesn't ever have to walk into a dark room.


Posted by Beverly Carlson, Abilene's Staging Realtor (Carlson Properties 325-721-2429) over 10 years ago

Love these tips, Peggy. I've been in cold houses (where the thermostat was turned too low) and all I kept thinking is how quickly I could get out of there.


Posted by Kathy Nielsen, Atlanta Georgia Home Stager (http://atlantahomestaging.net) over 10 years ago


Thank you for your comments and tips on home staging. I like the idea of taking the screens off because light is so important when showing the home.

Posted by Peggy Johnson, Home Stager - Charlotte NC (Redesign + More) over 10 years ago


Yes I agree leaving the lamps on is so important when its dark and dreary out.

That is what home staging is all about creating a home that brings the potential buyer in.

Thank you for your feedback and your tips.

Posted by Peggy Johnson, Home Stager - Charlotte NC (Redesign + More) over 10 years ago


Thank you I appreciate your feedback. A cold home is not inviting for sure and I agree I would want to get out quickly also. That is why we home stagers are needed to make sure the homes are warm, cozy and inviting.


Posted by Peggy Johnson, Home Stager - Charlotte NC (Redesign + More) over 10 years ago

Great tips for showing in colder temps Peggy!  Thanks for sharing.

Posted by Michele Hess, Home Stager Rockford - Simply Staged Inc (Simply Staged Inc.) over 10 years ago

Michelle your welcome and thank you for the feedback.

I enjoy posting information on Home Staging  - Charlotte NC

Have a wonderful day.

Posted by Peggy Johnson, Home Stager - Charlotte NC (Redesign + More) over 10 years ago

How about displaying photos of the house in summer to show what the landscaping / garden look like?

Posted by Denise McMahon over 10 years ago


Hi, thanks for the advice. Next time I will make sure to do that when I post again on Home Staging and Home Staging to Sell.


Posted by Peggy Johnson, Home Stager - Charlotte NC (Redesign + More) over 10 years ago

Hi Peggy,

Great tips! I really enjoyed reading your posts. Thanks for sharing!

Posted by Esther (Essie) Cruz, Manalapan Marlboro, NJ Real Estate (Weichert Realtors, Buying and Selling Real Estate in Monmouth, Ocean & Middlesex Counties) over 10 years ago


Your Welcome!

Thank you for your feedback. I am happy to hear you enjoyed reading Charlotte NC- Home Staging to Sell.

Posted by Peggy Johnson, Home Stager - Charlotte NC (Redesign + More) over 10 years ago

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